Pattie's Propane

Current Propane Price: $3.20 Per Gallon *

*tax not included

Patties Propane Quartzsite

Propane Services Offered in Quartzsite, Arizona

We are open 7 days a week, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, for all of your propane needs.

If an employee is not at our propane hut when you arrive, please call 928-662-8572 and we will promptly serve you.

We are proud to provide propane tank delivery in Quartzsite. Please call 928-662-8572 to schedule your delivery today. We are not permitted to pump directly into RVs onsite.

If you need your RV filled with propane, please stop by our pump station. We have a dedicated RV pump lane that can fill your vehicle on either side, as well as a car lane for those bringing tanks in.

Propane Valve Replacements

If your tank is in good condition, but your valve is faulty, look no further! We provide valve replacements on the following tank sizes:

  • 30 lb – 7 Gallon
  • 40 lb – 9 Gallon
  • 100 lb – 20 Gallon

Propane Tank Exchanges

We do not provide valve replacements on 20 lb (4.5 gallon) tanks.  Instead, we provide an exchange program for these tanks which allows you to receive a brand new, filled tank.  

Please bring your old tank in for exchange if your valve is leaky or beginning to deteriorate.

The current exchange rate is: $25 for trading a tank (5lb) or $45 for non-trade in. Propane included.

Propane Quartzsite

Propane Tanks for Sale in Quartzsite, Arizona

If you need a tank for your BBQ grill, campsite, or home we have you covered.  20 lb (4.5 gallon) tanks are always available throughout the year. 

30, 40, and 100 lb tanks are seasonal. We try our best to have a full complement of propane tanks available to our customers.

Call ahead at 928-662-8572 to see if we have a specific size tank available.

Used Propane Tanks Purchase Program

Do you have a few spare tanks lying around? Come on in with your tanks and we will assist.